Gender-Responsive Climate Governance and the Role of Women Leaders

This study investigates the intersection of climate governance and gender diversity and inclusion (D&I) within companies based in emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs).
It addresses a critical knowledge gap by examining how businesses in these regions engage with the gendered dynamics of climate change in their governance practices. The study reveals the role of women leaders in shaping corporate climate action and highlights good practices for board members, executive management, and other stakeholders, including stock exchanges and market regulators.
It emphasises the need for integrated approaches to gender and climate issues, warning against siloed strategies that could undermine effectiveness and exacerbate vulnerabilities. Based on a comprehensive literature review, surveys of over 600 business leaders, and input from focus groups and expert interviews, the report offers extensive recommendations for embedding a gender perspective into climate governance. It underlines the potential of gender-diverse leadership to accelerate climate action and enhance governance outcomes, while also identifying pathways for future research and practical tool development to support these efforts.
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