Gender & Climate Investment: A strategy for unlocking a sustainable future

This strategy paper investigates the burgeoning topic of incorporating gender and climate lenses into investment strategies, demonstrating the untapped potential for uniting these two key sectors.
It emphasises the considerable dangers that climate change poses to global financial capital, as well as the reputational and social risks associated with gender-based violence and harassment, and advocates for investments that provide both financial and societal benefits.
The paper identifies five fundamental motivations for gender and climate investing: risk mitigation, fulfilling fiduciary obligation, producing long-term profit, discovering new investment possibilities, and amplifying social impact. It conducts sectoral assessments in energy, agriculture, and infrastructure to show how gender-sensitive investments may improve governance, stimulate innovation, and boost prosperity. The report offers a three-step process for investors to develop and strengthen their gender and climate lens strategies, emphasizing the substantial financial and societal rewards of such integrated approaches.
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