Climate Finance Provided and Mobilised by Developed Countries in 2013-2022

This OECD report provides a comprehensive analysis of the progress made by developed countries towards the UNFCCC goal of mobilizing USD 100 billion annually for climate action in developing countries, a target first set for 2020 and extended through 2025.
The report details aggregate trends in climate finance from 2013 to 2022, categorizing the data by source, climate theme, sector, income group, and type of financial instrument. It highlights the significant role of bilateral and multilateral public finance, export credits, and private finance mobilized through public interventions. Additionally, the report examines adaptation finance trends in light of the Glasgow Pact’s goal to double adaptation finance by 2025 and underscores the increasing importance of multilateral providers in the climate finance landscape.
Confirming that the USD 100 billion goal was exceeded in 2022, the report sets the stage for the new collective quantified goal to be determined at COP29 in 2024.
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