Building Women’s Economic Empowerment into Climate Transitions

The paper “Building Women’s Economic Empowerment into Climate Transitions,” written for the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) conference at Wilton Park on 18-20 March, 2024, delves into the important nexus of gender inclusion, economic empowerment, and climate transitions. Its goal is to promote a common understanding of gender-inclusive climate transitions and share best practices while discussing the enabling environment for a green economy.

The study emphasises the need for deliberate policies and programming to overcome the contradictions between green growth and women’s economic empowerment. It emphasises the significance of a supporting economic environment, such as tax reform, green financing, and social protection, as well as the need for decolonizing measures.

The paper advocates developing opportunities in green growth sectors, acknowledging women’s leadership in climate innovation, and providing fair access to education and technology. It provides a model of gender-inclusive economic transformation that strikes a balance between environmental sustainability, gender equality, and economic growth, as well as the roles of many stakeholders in realising this goal.

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